• Mackenzie Cook

The Sun and the Moon

the sun and the moon

The sun and the moon, how antipode they are, yet so corresponding. The sun ascends every morning by catalyzing warmth and greeting everyone she meets with a sense of felicity. She is blindingly beautiful that no eye can suppress her light without restraint. Those tickled by her glowing rays are able to rest when she does. As the sun drifts away to sleep, her friend the moon elegantly awakens. Those who wait for the moon are embraced with an ethereal presence. Unlike the sun, the moon is inconsistent with her beauty. Concealing parts of her body some nights hiding from her insecurities. Even when only a piece of her is shown, she continues to be angelic amidst the darkness that she is stuck in. Her beauty does not need to be blanketed nor hidden, she’s ravishing at her fullest, pure self. The tiring eyes of those lonesome souls she watches over, will forever love her silhouette no matter what version she decides to share. When the time comes, and the moon is no longer strong enough to stay awake. The sun will let her mind rest again.

Mackenzie Cook

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